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National Stroke Association's multimedia library offers a one-stop shop for stroke information in a variety of formats. All downloadable materials with the exception of press releases are available for educational use without permission. Users are asked to credit National Stroke Association as the copyright holder.

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2018 SCN Benefit Analysis

© 2018

2018 SCN Benefit Analysis

A Hole in the Heart: The Link between PFO & Stroke

© 2007

Read about how Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO), or a hole in the heart, can affect stroke risk.

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African Americans and Stroke

© 2011

This brochure explains why African-Americans are at a higher risk for stroke and what they can do  about it.

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Caregivers and Stroke

© 2012

Learn to be a more effective caregiver with keys to recovery and prevention, coping tips, and resources.

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Clinical Trials

© 2015

Learn about clinical trials and what to expect. 

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Diabetes and Stroke

© 2013

An easy-to-understand guide to understanding your risk for stroke if you have diabetes.

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El Ataque Cerebral: Para reducir los riesgos y reconocer los sintomas

© 2005

Sigue estas instrucciones para prepararse con un conocimiento de síntomas y factores de riesgo de un ataque cerebrovascular.

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Explaining Stroke

© 2018

An easy-to-understand guide to stroke—including causes, types of stroke and how to reduce risk for stroke.

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Explicando El Ataque Cerebrovascular

© 2014

Explicando el ataque cerebrovascular es un folleto práctico paso a paso que explica cómo sucede un ataque cerebrovascular, los diferentes tipos y cómo prevenirlo.

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High Blood Pressure and Stroke

© 2007

This brochure discusses how managing high blood pressure can reduce stroke risk.

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