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National Stroke Association's multimedia library offers a one-stop shop for stroke information in a variety of formats. All downloadable materials with the exception of press releases are available for educational use without permission. Users are asked to credit National Stroke Association as the copyright holder.

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Explaining Unpredictable Emotional Episodes

© 2011

Get all the details about controlling emotions after stroke.

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A Hole in the Heart: The Link between PFO & Stroke

© 2007

Read about how Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO), or a hole in the heart, can affect stroke risk.

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Ability to Go Places

© 2006

Driving involves many skills – skills that can be affected by stroke.

» Download this fact sheet.

Act FAST Wallet Card

© 2015

Learn the sudden warning signs of stroke so you can recognize and respond to stroke FAST.

» Download the FAST wallet card

Act FAST Wallet Card (Espanol)

© 2015

Aprenda a identificar los primeros síntomas de un ataque cerebrovascular para que lo pueda detectar y atender rápido (FAST).

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Advocacy 101

© 2013

Learn how to be an effective advocate and how the Stroke Advocacy Network can help.

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Advocacy Tips for Your Stroke Support Group

© 2013

Learn how your stroke support group can help the broader stroke community through simple advocacy.

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Advocacy Tool Kit

© 2014

The Advocacy Tool Kit is a comprehensive resource to help you plan and prepare for meetings with legislators in your community.

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African Americans and Stroke

© 2011

This brochure explains why African-Americans are at a higher risk for stroke and what they can do  about it.

» Download this brochure.


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