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National Stroke Association's multimedia library offers a one-stop shop for stroke information in a variety of formats. All downloadable materials with the exception of press releases are available for educational use without permission. Users are asked to credit National Stroke Association as the copyright holder.

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Developing and Telling Your Story

© 2013

The most important thing to remember in developing and delivering a message to your legislator is that you have something valuable to contribute.

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Diabetes and Stroke

© 2013

An easy-to-understand guide to understanding your risk for stroke if you have diabetes.

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Diabetes y ataque cerebrovascular

© 2017

Las personas diabéticas tienen el doble de posibilidad de desarrollar un ataque cerebrovascular que las que no lo son.

Driving After Stroke

© 2015

Learn more about your privileges, potential care modifications, and resources to help you with transportation post-stroke.

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Dysphagia Infographic

© 2015

Created for Dysphagia Awareness Week, this infographic describes the symptoms, complications, and treatment options often associated with post-stroke dysphagia.

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Dysphagia Infographic

© 2015

This infographic describes the symptoms, complications, and treatment options often associated with post-stroke dysphagia.

El accidente cerebrovascular y la presión arterial alta

© 2016

La presión arterial alta es el factor de riesgo más común del ACV. Averiguar cómo tratar la presión arterial alta para evitar un ACV.

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El Ataque Cerebral: Para reducir los riesgos y reconocer los sintomas

© 2005

Sigue estas instrucciones para prepararse con un conocimiento de síntomas y factores de riesgo de un ataque cerebrovascular.

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El colesterol y el accidente cerebrovascular

© 2016

El colesterol alto puede elevar el riesgo de ACV al aumentar el riesgo de enfermedad cardíaca. Descubrir más sobre la relación entre colesterol y ACV aquí.

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