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Stroke Prevention and Risk Factor Awareness_2017.pptx

© 2017

Stroke Prevention and Risk Factor Awareness_2017.pptx

Stroke Risk Scorecard

© 2015

This easy-to-use scorecard provides an idea of a person's stroke risk.

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Stroke stories on The Mighty

© 2017

Read important stories that stroke survivors and caregivers share about their experiences.

» Stroke stories on The Mighty.

Symptoms Poster

© 2011

A poster with the symptoms of a stroke.

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Transient Ischemic Attack

© 2011

Don’t ignore a TIA or mini-stroke just because the symptoms go away within 24 hours. Here’s why.

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Unanswered Questions from Live Program: June 20, 2012

© 2012

A few more questions from attendees—answered by the faculty

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Understanding Medicare and How It Works

© 2013

Get the facts about your Medicare insurance options.

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