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Living After Stroke: Social and Physical Support for Returning to Work

© 2011

Join topic experts they discuss topics on available support for returning to work.

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Living After Stroke: Transportation

© 2012

Join topic expert Karen Wolf-Branigin as she discusses solutions to transportation problems.

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Managing Your Medications

© 2014

Taking your medications as ordered is important. Learn some helpful tips to better manage your medications.

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Marketing 101

© 2011

Learn how to effectively design and deliver awareness messaging through events, social media and more.

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Minorities and Stroke

© 2014

Women, Hispanics and African-Americans in the U.S. have higher stroke risks. Learn about your risk today.

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Mobility Mission Online Game

© 2016

Your journey is waiting! This fun and interactive game will boost your confidence and knowledge about stroke and common post-stroke mobility issues.

Pseudobulbar Affect: An Emotional Mismatch

© 2013

Watch this video to learn more about Pseudobulbar Affect (PBA).

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Stroke Awareness Throughout the Year

© 2014

Learn from the experts’ ideas, tips and suggestions on making your awareness event a success.

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Stroke: The REALITY, Part 1: What does it really mean?

© 2014

Stroke by many is thought of as something that affects the elderly. But in reality, stroke can happen to anyone, at any age, and at any time. Learn about the impact of stroke and arm yourself with lifesaving information.


Think FAST Games

© 2014

Play your way to better stroke awareness. How much do you know about stroke? We challenge you to play our Think FAST! games and test your knowledge in four different games. Dare your friends and family to beat your high score!


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