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iHOPE: Vision and Stroke

© 2011

This webinar explains the most common visions issues post-stroke and what can be done to manage vision loss.

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iHOPE: When Caregiving Is Stressful

© 2012

This webinar will provide tips on managing your stress and the importance of taking care of yourself.

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Incontinence: Tips to Manage

© 2014

Incontinence is very common following a stroke; the good news is that most often it can be treated.

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Interactive Risk Factor Tool

© 2012

Learn more about how to manage stroke risk using this easy-to-understand interactive guide that explains 26 of the more common risk factors for stroke.

Las minorías y los ataques cerebrovasculares

© 2014

Aprenda más sobre ataques cerebrovasculares y las minorías.

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Legal and Financial Planning for Stroke Survivors and their Families: Webinar Series

© 2018

Long-term care planning can be a stressful endeavor. This four-part webinar series will discuss helpful information regarding financial planning so that stroke survivors and their family members can receive the care they need while preserving assets and protecting the wishes of the survivor. ...

Living After Stroke: Managing Change

© 2013

Listen to psychologist Sara Palmer, PhD, discuss managing the changes that stroke has made in your life.

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Living After Stroke: Returning to Work Post-stroke

© 2010

Join topic experts as they discuss post-stroke employment topics.

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