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ComeBackStrong Mobile App

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We’ve developed a new Come Back Strong™ mobile app designed for stroke survivors. Use the app to find a support group or a hospital near you, recover from home with 30 video demos of physical rehab exercises, and more.

Como reducir el riesgo y reconocer los síntomas de un ACV

© 2016

Todos tenemos algún riesgo de desarrollar un ACV. Aprenda como reducir esto riesgo en esta hoja de dato.

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Coping with Emotions

© 2006

Dealing with a flood of emotions can be hard for stroke survivors.

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Dealing with Pain

© 2006

Some survivors have to deal with pain caused by their strokes.

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Developing and Telling Your Story

© 2013

The most important thing to remember in developing and delivering a message to your legislator is that you have something valuable to contribute.

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Diabetes and Stroke

© 2013

An easy-to-understand guide to understanding your risk for stroke if you have diabetes.

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