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Stroke Risk Scorecard

© 2018

This easy-to-use scorecard provides an idea of a person's stroke risk.

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Stroke stories on The Mighty

© 2017

Read important stories that stroke survivors and caregivers share about their experiences.

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Stroke Support Groups Registration Form_2018

© 2018

Stroke Support Groups Registration Form_2018

Stroke: The REALITY, Part 1: What does it really mean?

© 2014

Stroke by many is thought of as something that affects the elderly. But in reality, stroke can happen to anyone, at any age, and at any time. Learn about the impact of stroke and arm yourself with lifesaving information.


Symptoms Poster

© 2011

A poster with the symptoms of a stroke.

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Taking Care of Yourself as a Facilitator

© 2016

Learn how to avoid the ill effects of stress associated with facilitating a Stroke Support Group. 

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Tax Benefits for Employers

© 2015

Employers may be interested to know how hiring someone with a disability could be financially beneficial for their company.

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Technology Infographic

© 2017

This infographic will help you understand what technology is available to support stroke prevention, recovery and adapting to life after a stroke.


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