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Muscle Weakness After Stroke: Hemiparesis

© 2015

Learn about muscle weakness after stroke and treatments methods to improve the use of the affected side.

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NIH Stroke Scale Exam Fact Sheet

© 2018

A fact sheet created by National Stroke Association that provides information on NIH Stroke Scale certification. 

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NSAM 2017_Stroke Awareness Email Samples_v3

© 2017

NSAM 2017_Stroke Awareness Email Samples_v3

Patent Foramen Ovale

© 2014

All people are born with this flap-like hole, but for most, the hole closes by itself after birth. However, for roughly 1 out of every 5 people, this hole does not seal itself, resulting in a Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO).


Personality and Behavior Changes

© 2006

Part of the Recovery After Stroke fact sheet series

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Piramal_NSA Newsletter_060618.pdf

© 2018

Piramal_NSA Newsletter_060618.pdf

Post-stroke Checklist for Survivors and Caregivers

© 2014

A new tool for your next doctor appointment.

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Professional Society Membership Agreement

© 2015

Use this form to become a Professional Society member today.

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