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iHOPE: When Caregiving Is Stressful

© 2012

This webinar will provide tips on managing your stress and the importance of taking care of yourself.

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Impact of Stroke Survey Infographic

© 2014

View this infographic that illustrates important information gaps regarding the impact of afib related to stroke.

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Importance of Physical Activity

© 2016

Use this information to inspire you and encourage others to get up and moving to reduce your stroke risk.

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Incontinence: Tips to Manage

© 2014

Incontinence is very common following a stroke; the good news is that most often it can be treated.

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© 2018


Interactive Risk Factor Tool

© 2012

Learn more about how to manage stroke risk using this easy-to-understand interactive guide that explains 26 of the more common risk factors for stroke.

Intracranial Atherosclerosis

© 2006

What do you do when you experience hardening of the arteries in your brain? This brochure will fill you in.

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