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Decision Aids

Act FAST Wallet Card

© 2015

Learn the sudden warning signs of stroke so you can recognize and respond to stroke FAST.

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Act FAST Wallet Card (Espanol)

© 2015

Aprenda a identificar los primeros síntomas de un ataque cerebrovascular para que lo pueda detectar y atender rápido (FAST).

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Bleeding Risk Shared Decision Tool

© 2016

This decision-making tool is designed to help you work with your healthcare team to make the best decisions about treating AFib with an anticoagulant medication. Using this tool, you can work with your doctor to determine whether you are a good candidate for this medication. You can also better...

Find a Healthcare Provider

© 2016

Everyone who has had a stroke -- or who is at risk of stroke -- needs to know about stroke treatment and care. This app can help you find a doctor and book an appointment.

Lista de vereficación de la espasticidad después de un ataque cerebrovascular

© 2017

Esta lista de control está diseñada para brindarle conocimientos, además de afianzar la comunicación entre usted y su prestador de asistencia médica.

Post-stroke Checklist for Survivors and Caregivers

© 2014

A new tool for your next doctor appointment.

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Puntaje de Riesgo de ACV

© 2018

Este cuadro de mando es muy fácil de usar y  puede dar una idea del  riesgo de accidente cerebrovascular (ACV) de una persona.

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Questions to Ask Your Rehab Professional About Technology

© 2017

Unsure how to ask your healthcare provider about what technology is right for you? Use this discussion guide as a resource to guide the conversation.



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