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2017 RAISE Award: Outstanding Support Group

The Backstrokes Community Music Group

The Backstrokes Community Music Group, a unique support group in Oregon, is a twice-weekly community sing-along and music group that is made up of stroke survivors and caregivers. This dedicated group offers peer-support, community engagement, and fun through singing and/or playing instruments such as the guitar and ukulele. The group offers the opportunity to improve musical skills, as well as experience performing for others. They are funded by $5 donations made by the group members and are led by two professional musicians. The Backstrokes members and their leaders regularly volunteer as singers and musicians in skilled nursing facilities. Group members report that singing once or twice a week helps with recovering speech, but even more importantly, folks appreciate the friendships, camaraderie, and fun nature of the group. When talking about The Backstrokes, one member (who is a caregiver) said that being part of this group “has done a lot to enhance my wife’s vocabulary and ability to speak.” For years now, The Backstrokes group has been a reliable, uplifting, and supportive environment for stroke survivors and caregivers to relax and enjoy living life, and it will be that way for years to come.



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