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2017 RAISE Award: Outstanding Stroke Survivor

Bob Newbold

On March 20, 2017, Bob Newbold woke up well and went to work. Around 1:20 p.m., his co-workers heard a loud thud and found him on the ground, awake and alert, but unable to speak or move his right side. Thanks to fast acting co-workers and high-quality medical care Bob received at Hartford Hospital in Connecticut, Bob was able to make a swift recovery from his stroke. Being aware of how fortunate he was for his exceptional care, Bob has made it his mission to help spread awareness of stroke recognition and the importance of getting to the hospital as fast as possible. In the few months that have passed since his stroke, Bob met with the American Medical Response paramedic crew who treated him to personally thank them for such a speedy delivery to the hospital. He spoke to over 100 people at Hartford Hospital’s annual stroke survivor conference in May. He has been interviewed by reporters and had articles published in three local papers, and given talks to local community groups with one of those being recorded for local broadcast. Although it’s only been a few months since his stroke, Bob has invested a significant amount of time spreading stroke awareness. 



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