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2017 RAISE Award: Outstanding Group

Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Stroke Team

Over the past year, the Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Stroke Team from Pennsylvania made it their mission to improve stroke awareness. They have devoted an impressive amount of time and effort to integrate a greater number of wellness and preventative services into their continuum of care as they

  • began more extensive education about modifiable risk factors by making health logs for clients to track their blood pressures, blood sugars, and aerobic activity,
  • completed staff training to include stroke prevention education in their treatment,
  • began encouraging their inpatient clients to get a blood pressure cuff and know how to use it prior to discharge, and
  • improved their healthy eating campaign with an outpatient nutritionist.

They participated in community events in which they gave away blood pressure cuffs, provided information about stroke prevention, and handed out their health logs to 200 community members. In addition to these new initiatives, the Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Stroke Team continued to provide lectures on wellness and prevention topics during their Stroke Support Group’s bimonthly meetings, held another successful Community Stroke Screening Day (for the 12th year in a row), and completed stroke education at local senior centers. The Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Stroke Team also performed countless other activities on a daily basis to prove their commitment to stroke awareness. 



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