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2016 RAISE Award: Outstanding Support Group

Mount Sinai STARS (Surviving and Thriving After Rehabilitation of Stroke)

The Mount Sinai STARS support group lives by the Charles R. Swindoll quote, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” By fully embracing this idea, they participate in adaptive programming — like swimming and dance classes — and serve as a positive outlet to overcome personal challenges. With education, passion, motivation, and determination to endure, they continue to do the things they love and experience new activities. This support group is always willing to advocate and empower themselves as stroke survivors, and welcomes new members as if they’re family. They often address a variety of topics, based on interest or focused on coping strategies, physical, cognitive, or emotional changes, and family dynamics. As they participate in discussions and activities, their self-esteem and independence grows, helping to foster further peer-to-peer support. Mount Sinai STARS’ determination and motivation keep their hearts and minds going, and ready to tackle new challenges.

2016 RAISE Award Winners: Most Creative | Most Impactful | Outstanding Group | Outstanding Individual | Most Impactful Community Fundraising Event | Outstanding Support Group | Voter's Choice

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