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2016 RAISE Award: Most Impactful Community Fundraising Effort

Alicia Thompson

Following her father’s complete recovery from a ruptured aneurysm and hemorrhagic stroke, Alicia was inspired to take action. She decided to raise stroke awareness and give back to others impacted by stroke by forming a committee at her school to organize an awareness and fundraising event. After countless hours of hard work and collaboration, Dan’s Dash was created. Dan’s Dash, held May 14, 2016, included 1 and 3 mile runs, a walk, a bake sale, and promoted stroke awareness through social media, a website, poster, brochures, flyers, and school announcement. Through their National Stroke Association fundraising page, corporate sponsorships, and funds raised on the day of the event, Dan's Dash raised nearly $6,000 for the National Stroke Association. It was such a great event, that Alicia has already taken steps to make Dan’s Dash happen again in 2017.

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