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2016 RAISE Award: Most Creative

NYU Lutheran Augustana Stroke Support Group

The NYU Lutheran Augustana Stroke Support Group uses art therapy interventions as its basis. Group members create individual and group art and murals during their sessions to explore their feelings surrounding their stroke recoveries. Some common directives used include "draw a picture of what hope looks like to you" or "make an image of yourself 10 years ago and an image of yourself today." Some murals are less directed and are created by having the participants pass a large mural around the circle with each member adding different paint strokes, colors, and designs to create one large image. In doing these directives, participants are able to explore and discuss what the outcomes of their creation mean to them. More recently, many art pieces created in the group were displayed in the spring art show at NYU Augustana, allowing participants to feel empowered in their creativity. Even though some haven't created art since childhood, they are utilizing many different forms of art media to express themselves and explore their inner emotions about their stroke, their recovery, and their lives.

2016 RAISE Award Winners: Most Creative | Most Impactful | Outstanding Group | Outstanding Individual | Most Impactful Community Fundraising Event | Outstanding Support Group | Voter's Choice

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