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Why facial expressions can be misinterpreted after a stroke 

In this issue:
Apraxia vs. aphasia, challenging caregiver relationships, and more

In this issue:
Don't Let the Stroke Win

The silent effects of stroke, find local financial resources, and more

In this issue:
After therapy: what you can do at home, Michaela's return to the limelight, and more

In this issue:
More Education Opportunities, PT/OT Certification and more

In this Issue:

Medicare Therapy Caps | Opportunities for Stroke Survivors to be Heard After National Election | November is National Family Caregivers Month

In this issue:
Depression Education Opportunities

In this issue:
Federal Funding and Brain Research | Rally for Medical Research: More Progress, More Hope, More Life | Trickle Down: Where Do Federal Stroke-related Research Dollars Go?

In this issue:
Play your way to recovery, qualities of a successful support group and more


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