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HOPE: A Stroke Recovery Guide

Recovery from stroke is a lifelong process. For many people recovery begins with formal rehabilitation. It is important for you and your family to know that no matter where you are in your recovery journey - there is always hope. Learn as much as you can about stroke and recovery, and the resources that are available.

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Now available in Spanish.

National Stroke Association has designed this publication to provide you with valuable information and help you on your road to recovery.

HOPE: A Stroke Recovery Guide is divided into four chapters:

  1. Helpful information: a collection of important post-stroke issues and suggestions for how to address these concerns.
  2. Opportunity through self-advocacy: find out how to be an active participant in your recovery and why it is so important.
  3. Preventing another stroke: life-saving information about stroke awareness, symptom recognition, and how to decrease your chances of having another stroke.
  4. Exercises and recommendations: two illustrated exercise programs to help you gain strength and range of motion.

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