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Stroke and Technology

Technology plays a critical role in stroke prevention and detection as well as rehabilitation and stroke recovery. While technology can be helpful in assisting with stroke recovery, the most important thing is finding a therapy plan that is right for you. Your goals may change as you progress through your therapy regimen and it is important to keep an open line of communication between you and your healthcare team.

Understanding Technology

Technology in the stroke world is ever-evolving and changing quickly. Use our new resources to learn more about technology and stroke.

Accessing Technology

If you own a smart phone you already have access to hundreds of applications that can help improve cognitive function, fine motor skills, and coordination. Innovations in stroke prevention are also helpful in tracking your blood pressure, healthy diet and exercise along with monitoring your heart rate. Speak with your healthcare team for more information about how technology could help you in your stroke recovery journey.

Stroke Survivor Stories                                

Many survivors have benefited from using technology to support them in their recovery from stroke. Read on to hear from people who have been there.

Janie Walks The Walk

Photo of Janie using the Ekso GT robotic exoskeleton

At 20 years old Janie Kryski was living an idyllic life in Paris—studying at Sorbonne University and taking side trips to Mont Blanc in Switzerland.

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Julie’s Motivation

Photo of Julie and her husband

Julie Houp was so successful as a real estate agent in Naples, Fla. that she coached others in her office on how to do the job she loved. Life was good for her and her husband, William, the parents of three children.

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Richard Gives Back

Photo of Richard Horton

Richard Horton could hear the doctors tell his wife that they didn’t know if he was going to live following the hemorrhagic stroke he woke up to on Aug. 4, 2011.

Read Richard's story

Discover all of the technology options you have for managing and detecting stroke risk, as well as post-stroke recovery. Share this infographic with family and friends to educate the people in your life about stroke. 

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