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Welcome to National Stroke Association’s Stroke Nurse Education Modules
– your answer to your stroke team’s continuing education needs!

National Stroke Association’s is excited to announce completion of 10 accredited online Stroke Nurse Educationl Modules! These modules are ideal for those who are new to stroke as well as for seasoned stroke care providers committed to keeping their stroke knowledge and practice up-to-date. The completion of all 10 modules will result in the achievement of a minimum of eight contact hours consistent with The Joint Commission’s requirements for core stroke team members.

National Stroke Association’s Stroke Nurse Education Modules are now available for a $20 per module fee.

Get Free and Discounted Access! Members of National Stroke Association’s Stroke Center Network receive 30 free module uses every year. After exhausting their 30 free module uses, members continue to receive unlimited access to all modules for a $10 per module fee 50% off the regular price. Another unique benefit provided to Stroke Center Network members, is the ability to track and report the module use and achievement of all users affiliated with their organizations. Please contact National Stroke Association at 303-754-0934 or pmembers@stroke.org if you would like more information about becoming a member of the Stroke Center Network.

To access the modules now, please click here.

Through a partnership with the American Association of Neuroscience Nurses (AANN), AANN members receive discounted access to the Stroke Nurse Education Modules. AANN members pay only $15 per module which is 25% off the regular price. Click here for more information about AANN.

The 10 modules cover the following topics:

1. Stroke 101: Anatomy and Physiology

2. Neurologic Assessments

3. Interpreting Stroke Imaging and Other Diagnostics

4. Limiting Complications of Stroke

5. Patient and Care Partner Education

6. Stroke Therapies and Nursing Care

7. Preventative Nursing Care for Neurological Deficits

8. Stroke on the Critical Care Unit

9. Rehabilitation Nursing for Stroke

10. Stroke Rapid Response (for EMS and other urgent care providers)

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