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Photo of apple for teacher Ask Congress
to Learn
About Stroke

There’s an easy way for your members of Congress to learn more about stroke. They can join a congressional member organization (CMO) that focuses on stroke-related issues. These CMOs are created by members of Congress who are passionate about a particular issue. Other members of Congress join the groups to signal their shared support of those issues. There are currently three CMOs with a partial stroke focus. Take action today on this important issueTake action today—ask your members of Congress to join these groups, learn about stroke and show they support the stroke community.


Collage of license platesState
Legislature Watch

Only eight state legislatures and the District of Columbia Council are still in session. If you live in one of the following states, your state legislators are still debating stroke-related legislation and they need to hear from you! We’ve made it easy for you to contact them with a pre-written message and an opportunity to personalize it with your own story. Network members have sent more than 3,000 messages to state legislators and governors across the country on stroke-related issues so far in 2013. These efforts helped ensure that 22 pieces of stroke-related legislation in 16 states became law. Join the stroke advocates who’ve already taken action today!

California | District of Columbia | Massachusetts | Michigan | New Jersey | North Carolina | Ohio | Pennsylvania | Wisconsin

Don’t see your state on the list? Visit the State Advocacy Action Center and find information about your state legislature and the stroke-related legislation they debated during their 2013 legislative session.

If you’re not a member of the Stroke Advocacy Network, join us. We’ll let you know when your elected officials are considering stroke-related legislation and give you an easy way to take action on those issues. Every letter, story and voice makes a difference to help reduce the incidence and impact of stroke and improve the lives of stroke survivors, caregivers and their family members!

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Tell Congress Your Story

Faces of Stroke photo collageThe best way for elected officials to understand stroke and how it impacts people’s lives is to talk to constituents who have been impacted by it. Your story can make a difference for the entire stroke community by educating lawmakers about the needs and challenges of the stroke community. This is important because members of Congress vote on stroke-related policies that can have a profound effect on the entire stroke community. Each year, the Stroke Advocacy Network sends Faces of Stroke℠ stories to Capitol Hill, matching each story with the members of Congress who represent that stroke survivor, caregiver or healthcare professional. If you’re not one already, become a face of stroke today and use your story to help the entire stroke community.

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Teach Congress About Stroke

State Legislature Watch

Tell Congress Your Story

Cures, Not Cuts

RAISE Awards

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Help Stroke Survivors Return to Work

You can make sure stroke survivors trying to return to work receive help. Take action today!

Meet Congress at Home
Meet Congress at Home

You can meet with your members of Congress while they’re home for the August congressional recess. We’ve made it easy for you to set up a meeting and know what stroke-related issues to talk to them about. Find out how.


Free Advocacy Training

Learn how to be an effective stroke advocate. Watch a webinar today!

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September 18 calendar

Cures, Not Cuts

On Sept. 18, we’re joining forces with advocates from dozens of organizations to support “cures, not cuts” in medical research funding. You can join this nationwide effort, the Rally for Medical Research, by participating in our Advocate Call-in Day on Sept. 18. Your actions will help ensure that advancements in stroke prevention, diagnosis and treatment can continue.  

What is the Rally for Medical Research? On Sept. 18, a broad range of organizations will meet with House and Senate offices on Capitol Hill to urge Congress to support adequate funding for the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The timing of this effort is particularly important because the federal government’s fiscal year ends on Sept. 30. That means a new funding mechanism for the government will need to be in place prior to Oct. 1 to avoid a government shutdown. Advocates will arrive in Washington, D.C., as the budget debate is heating up, ensuring that funding NIH’s research is an integral part of the budget negotiations.

How can I participate? Because many stroke survivors can’t travel to Washington, D.C., for this event, we’re holding an Advocate Call-in Day on Sept 18. The purpose of this effort is to support the advocates who are on Capitol Hill by delivering the same message to your members of Congress. We’ll provide you with all the information and tools to contact your members of Congress and deliver a pro-medical research message to them. You can enhance this advocacy effort by adding your story to this message. As someone who has been impacted by stroke, you’re an example of why the work NIH does is so critical!

Why is supporting medical research funding important? The medical research done by NIH is vital to the stroke community. NIH conducts research on various diseases and conditions, including stroke, primarily through the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS). NINDS does important research in the areas of stroke prevention, diagnosis, treatment and recovery. A reduction in research dollars can mean a missed opportunity to discover a prevention or treatment option that could make a difference in patients’ lives. Securing adequate funding for NINDS will ensure that critical breakthroughs in these areas will one day reduce the rate of stroke and the impact stroke has on the daily lives of survivors, caregivers and family members.

Mark your calendar to participate in our Advocate Call-in Day on Sept. 18. Join us to make sure the fight to reduce the incidence and impact of stroke can continue!

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RAISE Awards: Nominations Open

National Stroke Association is now accepting nominations for our Raising Awareness in Stroke Excellence (RAISE) Awards. Nominations will be accepted through Aug. 31. The goal of RAISE is to recognize our current stroke heroes and to inspire and encourage future community leaders to follow in their footsteps. Do you or someone you know raise stroke awareness in the community? Tell us about it by submitting a nomination. View highlights from last years’ event, learn more about the RAISE Awards or nominate someone today. Award winners will be announced on Oct. 25. 


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