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Interactive Risk Factor Tool

Learn more about how to manage stroke risk using this easy-to-understand interactive guide that explains 26 of the more common risk factors for stroke. Access a printable pdf version of this tool.


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To become more familiar with your personal risk for stroke, National Stroke Association developed an easy-to-use tool called a Stroke Risk Scorecard. Once the scorecard is completed, discuss the results with a doctor, who will help assess the risk factors and help manage and/or treat any controllable risk factors. Remember: It is important to always take medications as a doctor prescribes to stay on top of stroke prevention.

After viewing the Interactive Risk Factor Tool, please complete the quiz below:


Question - Not Required - Which of the following can you do to prevent a stroke?

Question - Not Required - Afib is a major risk for stroke. It increases a person's chance for stroke by ___ times.


Question - Not Required - Sometimes called a mini-stroke with stroke symptoms that last less than 24 hours before disappearing. This condition is known as


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