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2013 TD Bank Five Boro Bike Tour

May 5, 2013

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Progress: 13%
Progress: 13%
Raised: $ 4011     Goal: $ 30000
Photo of Alvin McElveen

Alvin McElveen

Dr. Alvin McElveen has spent the last 35 years treating stroke patients as a vascular neurologist. Alvin was personally touched by stroke when a family member had a stroke in the 1970s, with devastating results. Since then, managing stroke has improved dramatically. But Alvin rides to further improve stroke outcomes, prevention and education.

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Photo of Caitlin Almer

Caitlin Almer

Caitlin’s mom recently passed away at age 67 after suffering a stroke. After sitting by her bedside for 10 days, the family didn't know if she could hear or understand them, and there was nothing they could do except wait for a miracle that never came. Caitlin says, “That was and continues to be the most difficult thing I’ve ever experienced.”

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Photo of Dan Murray

Dan Murray

As a stroke program coordinator, Dan sees firsthand the pain and suffering a stroke can cause to both patients and their families. He is riding in the TD Bank Five Boro Bike tour to raise funds and awareness for all stroke survivors and their families.

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Photo of Holly Wheeler

Holly Wheeler

Holly is participating in the 2013 TD Bank Five Boro Bike Tour in support of one of her closest friends and fellow team member, Caitlin Almer, and in memory of Caitlin’s mother, Carrie Almer. Carrie suffered a sudden stroke and passed away just before the holidays last year. Holly is proud to raise awareness and funds for stroke in honor of Carrie.

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photo of Joe Romenesko

Joe Romenesko

Joe is a 50-year-old stroke survivor with two children. Prior to his stroke, he would bike regularly with his brother Paul. Today, he continues to focus on rehabilitation through various forms of therapy, including biking. With his three-wheeled bike, participation in this event has been made much easier. Joe feels thankful for the support of his friends and family through his recovery and participation in this event.

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Photo of Joni Martzahl

Joni Martzahl

Just over two years ago, Joni’s brother and fellow Stroke Challenge team member, Joe Romenesko, had a massive stroke at the age of 48. Since then, the family has joined together to work alongside Joe in his recovery and help him spread the word about stroke prevention and rehabilitation. Last year, Joe rode on the TD Bank Five Boro Bike Ride Tour Stroke Challenge Team and this year Joni is thrilled to join him on the ride.

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 Photo of Katy Masak

Katy Masak

Katy is excited to join her brother Joe, a stroke survivor, and her sister Katy on the TD Bank Five Boro Bike Tour. She hopes to thoroughly enjoy the sights of New York City along with the thousands of other enthusiastic bikers. The primary reason she is joining the ride is to honor her brother Joe. Katy says, “The strength and determination he has shown to recover from his stroke has been an inspiration to our entire family.”

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 Photo of Natrisha Rakestraw

Natrisha Rakestraw

For the past several years, Natrisha has participated in charity bike races, triathlons and running events. She loves to push her endurance limits and improve her health and has found enjoyment by combining this love with an equal passion of raising money for charity. Natrisha is especially motivated to support this cause, as she has friends, family and colleagues affected by strokes. She is participating in this fundraiser in honor of them.

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For additional information please contact us at events@stroke.org or call us at 1-800-STROKES (787-6537) or visit www.stroke.org/ny_bike_tour.

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