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As a member of our professional membership programs, you will receive the tools you need to keep your knowledge and practice up-to-date. You will have access to resources that help enhance your staff’s competencies, educate the community you serve and position your facility as a leader in stroke care.

National Stroke Association offers two professional membership programs.

Stroke Center Network

Stroke Center Network (SCN): SCN is a strong alliance of organizations committed to developing centers of excellence for acute and rehabilitative stroke care. Members represent stroke centers of all sizes and at all stages of development. Program offerings are developed in direct response to member needs and benefit all employees affiliated with the member organization.

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Professional Society photo

Professional Society (PS): PS is National Stroke Association’s individual membership program. Membership benefits include education, resources and support for stroke care professionals working at various points along the continuum of care.

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New Benefits for Members!

National Stroke Association has added the following new benefits for professional members:

 Example of the Membership web seal

Our web seal identifies you or your facility as an SCN or Professional Society member. The seal can be placed on your website, marketing materials, etc.

 Stroke Smart masthead

StrokeSmart™ co-branding allows members to feature their organization’s logo and information in a customized address block or customized front and back covers of the magazine. For more information, contact pmembers@stroke.org or 303-754-0935

Join us in the fight against stroke by aligning yourself with one of our membership programs. Contact pmembers@stroke.org or 303-754-0935 to discuss membership program details and determine the best program fit for you.

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