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Stroke Awareness Resource Center

National Stroke Awareness Month Free Materials and Awareness Event Ideas

Stroke Smart Magazine

Hemorrhagic Stroke Animation (2 MB mpeg file)

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Strike Back at Stroke

Watch National Stroke Association CEO Jim Baranski discuss stroke risk factors in this award-winning AARP My Generation TV episode.

Brain Attack: A Stroke Survival Guide

30-minute clip of the popular Brain Attack show created for network TV by National Stroke Association in partnership with NBC Universal and Al Roker Productions.

Public Service Announcements

NBC “The More You Know” 15 Second Stroke Prevention PSA
Download Quicktime

Cholesterol & Stroke - 30 second PSA
Download Quicktime | Download Windows Media

Cholesterol & Stroke - 30 second Radio PSA
Download MP3

TIAs: Get a Second Chance at Life - 30 second PSA
Download Quicktime | Download Windows Media

TIAs: Get a Second Chance at Life - 60 second PSA
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Current Educational Campaign Collaborations

Release Your Potential
Release Your Potential: Taking Control of Severe Spasticity is an educational campaign and website for patients and others interested in learning more about spasticity. Learn more at http://www.releaseyourpotential.com/.  

Facing AFib
Learn more about the link between AFib and stroke through the Facing AFib educational campaign designed to help educate America about Afib and encourage everyone touched by the condition to take action to face Afib and get serious about stroke. Learn more at www.facingafib.com.

National Stroke Association Survey Data

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