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Members-only Stroke Education Programs

These programs are only available to members of our Stroke Center Network (SCN) and Professional Society (PS). For information about these membership programs and how to join, please contact pmembers@stroke.org or 303-754-0934.

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Current Programs

The programs listed below are restricted to National Stroke Association members and require passwords to view. Email Linda Kuhrt at lkuhrt@stroke.org for more information.

Best Practices in Stroke Rehabilitation Webinar Series

Provides learners with an overview of stroke, its impact on patients and current training and therapies. The two-part series is not accredited.

» View Part 1: Overview of Stroke, Its Impact on Patients and Gait Training

» View Part 2: Stroke Rehabilitation Training and Therapies

This program is supported by educational grants from Allergan, Inc. and Medtronic, Inc.

Lessons Learned in Primary Stroke Center Recertification

Provides participants with practical guidance from two Primary Stroke Centers, certified by The Joint Commission, who have recently gone through the reaccreditation process and what they learned in preparing for, and undergoing, the survey.

» View the non-accredited webinar.

The program is supported by Sanofi-aventis U.S.

NIHSS Train the Trainer

Provides stroke coordinators with the education and testing options available, best practices for some of the more difficult assessments and using the scores to analyze patient outcomes.

» View this non-accredited webinar.

Planning for a Successful Transition From Rehab

Provides examples and best practices for healthcare professionals who are involved with the post-rehabilitation transition of stroke survivors and their caregivers.

» View this non-accredited webinar.

Post-Stroke Dysphagia Management: Examining the Evidence

Provides information and recommendations on epidemiology of dysphagia after stroke, neurological correlates of dysphagia after stroke, review of dysphagia screening, complications associated with dysphagia, assessment methods, evidence supporting dysphagia treatments and evidence-based practice/decision-making.

» View this non-accredited webinar.

Stroke Rehabilitation Certification

Provides participants with the experience of one hospital who has achieved certification from Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities and The Joint Commission. Information presented includes an overview of both certifications and lessons learned during both processes.

» View this non-accredited webinar.

The program is supported by Sanofi-aventis U.S.

Stroke Secondary Prevention Clinics (Starting a Stroke Clinic)

This accredited webinar aims to educate healthcare professionals on the effectiveness of stroke clinics and the basics of starting and operating a clinic.

» View this non-accredited webinar.

Swallow Screening, Performance Improvement and Stroke in the Great Lakes Region

Presented by the Great Lakes Regional Stroke Network’s dysphagia work group. Faculty share key learnings about: components of a swallow screen, literature findings, the difference between a swallow screen and a swallow assessment, future directions of swallow screening in the stroke patient, feedback from The Joint Commission and follow-up evaluation results. Two new tools are presented: a swallow screen checklist that will enable you to check your swallow screen tool against best practices identified in the literature and a second checklist to assess your swallow screen process.

» View this non-accredited webinar.

An Update on Systems of Care for Transient Ischemic Attack

Provides learners with recommendations culminated from a consensus panel of experts on how to evaluate TIA patients for potential stroke risk, determine appropriate triage and examine your own hospital’s current management system to determine how to implement the recommendations.

» View this non-accredited webinar.

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