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Meet Our 2012 Marine Corps Marathon
Team Members

Oct. 28, 2012

Photo of Joyce Bulger-Noto

Joyce Bulger-Noto

For Joyce, running represents strength and endurance and she is inspired by the variety of people with different abilities who participate in events such as the Marine Corps Marathon. Having finished the ING New York City Marathon in 5 hours and 27 minutes, she hopes to beat that time this fall in the Marine Corps Marathon as a member of the Stroke Challenge team!

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Photo of Maureen Champa

Maureen Champa

Maureen joined the inaugural Marine Corps Marathon Stroke Challenge team in honor of her mom, a seven-year stroke survivor. Maureen is proud of her mom for continuing to reach for her pre-stroke activity level and for her selfless nature and relentless desire to give back to her local stroke community. Maureen will run in honor of her mother, her mother’s doctors and the friends and family who continue to be there every step of the way.

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Photo of Kevin Lawrence

Kevin Lawrence

Kevin is a first-time marathoner who has joined the inaugural Marine Corps Marathon Stroke Challenge team in honor of his father, Ronald, a stroke survivor. Kevin is thrilled to join the team to raise stroke awareness, saying “I run for [my dad], I run to bring awareness, I run for those who can't, I run for those who suffer, I run for those impacted by stroke, and I run because I am fortunate enough that I can run!”

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 Photo of Jason Powers

Jason Powers

As a runner, cyclist and triathlete, Jason enjoys anything involving the outdoors. However, Jason is running the Marine Corps Marathon to honor his wife and fellow Stroke Challenge team member, Kristen, a stroke survivor. Jason says, “this race may be hers, but [he’ll] be by her side, cheering her on.”

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Photo of Kristen Powers

Kristen Powers

Kristen had a stroke on July 24, 2011. Having been a runner prior to her stroke, she is eager to run the marathon with her husband and fellow Stroke Challenge team member, Jason. Kristen says, “The marathon is a chance for me to make a difference by raising funds for National Stroke Association, and if I get to tell my story along the way—even better.”

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Photo of Alexa Teevens

Alexa Teevens

Alexa will be running the Marine Corps Marathon in honor of her dad, who survived a stroke in June 2012. He is now recovering with many hours of rehabilitation. Having been a runner in high school and college, Alexa is looking forward to participating in a marathon while raising stroke awareness.

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For additional information please contact us at events@stroke.org or visit www.stroke.org/mcmarathon.

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