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Sonja Frazier

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Drop cap Sonja Frazier, 65, suffered her first stroke in June 2005, while at work. Because she received immediate medical attention, Sonja recovered well, but after her stroke, she was more emotional, tearing up and crying like never before.

Sonja suffered subsequent strokes in December 2005 and January 2006. This time, the effects were severe and very obvious. It would be more than a month before Sonja could go home. But coming home was difficult for both Sonja and her family. Sonja could not function on her own, nor could she be left alone. Her pseudobulbar affect (PBA) was identified during therapy, as it was interfering with her ability to participate in the exercises.

It took many doctor visits and trials with different medications to get Sonja’s PBA under control. “Mom would cry and wail uncontrollably,” recalls Sonja’s daughter, Amber. “Anything that evoked emotion or any reaction would result in an outburst. Many times we wondered if she was so sad because of all that she’s lost.”

Sonja’s family realizes that proper diagnosis of PBA is very important. With proper treatment, disruptions from PBA can be controlled and quality of life can be more normal. Their story is not unique, but they want to share it to bring understanding and hope to families that might have loved ones who also suffer from PBA.

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