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Pamela Wooden

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amela Wooden, 58, began experiencing transient ischemic attacks (TIAs) in 2002. A TIA is a mini-stroke, with symptoms often lasting less than 24 hours before disappearing. Pamela’s TIA episodes continued for about a year and a half and appeared about once every three months. Left with questions about their cause, she was finally directed to a neurologist. An MRI revealed a blood clot in her brain and she was prescribed treatment.

TIA is a serious risk factor for stroke. And although she couldn’t control it, Pamela had two other risk factors for stroke: being a woman and being African-American.

In March 2010, Pamela became a stroke survivor. The week before her stroke, she suffered from extreme headaches but blamed them on a possible sinus infection. A few days later, while speaking on the phone with her daughter, she lost consciousness. Her daughter responded quickly and drove Pamela to the hospital, where she had brain surgery.

During rehabilitation, Pamela was told that she needed a goal to help with her recovery process. She chose being able to drive herself to church on Mother’s Day—and she did it!

Today, Pamela still experiences some memory loss. She helps her granddaughter with homework, plays memory-boosting games and reads in order to improve. She lives every day to the fullest and takes nothing for granted.

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