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Lenice Hogan

Photo of Lenice and her sons

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Drop cap Lenice Hogan, 46, has won the identity crisis facing many stroke survivors who are progressing through recovery. “I spent two years as a victim,” says Hogan, “but have definitely moved to survivor.”

Hogan is a survivor of not one stroke, but three, all at young ages. She survived hemorrhagic strokes at the ages of 26, 38 and 39. Only the third was actually recognized as stroke—the first two went undiagnosed or misdiagnosed.

Hogan’s strokes left her with challenges such as leg weakness, difficulty swallowing, difficulty recalling words and balance issues. They also left her in denial, grief and fear.

It was her three children who made her decide to make the shift from victim to survivor. “Denial and fear was not allowing me to embrace life,” she says, “I wanted to be the best mom I could be and live my life for the time I have left.”

An email from National Stroke Association inspired Hogan to run in the New York City Marathon to raise stroke awareness and funds. This November she will run the marathon for the fourth time and plans to run at least 16 more. Learn more about her efforts in raising funds as a member of National Stroke Association's team.

Hogan also writes a bi-monthly blog about stroke for LiveWellNebraska.com, participates in a stroke support group at UNMC Hospital in Omaha, serves on National Stroke Association’s Stroke Advocacy Network board and has participated in lobby day on Capitol Hill.

Despite her impressive accomplishments, she is humble about her efforts to raise stroke awareness. “I’m just one person trying to make a difference,” she says.


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