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Jamie Coyle

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Jamie, stroke survivor and hockey player

Drop cap Jamie Coyle, 17, is a stroke survivor. At the age of 12, Jamie was one of the most talented up-and-coming female hockey players in the state of Rhode Island. Her adventure on ice began at the early age of 3 and she was playing on a house league team at the age of 4. Her two brothers and father all played hockey so she could not wait to play also.

During a tournament hockey game, Jamie suffered from a bad headache and ended up falling. She never lost consciousness but was unresponsive to those around her. She was taken to a hospital where they learned that she had had a stroke. Suddenly, her life was changed forever.

Jamie knew she had a very long road of recovery ahead of her, but always a fighter, she would not allow the stroke to keep her from her dreams. After her stroke, Jamie could not walk or speak and she had no use of her right side. With the goal to return to playing hockey, which she loved so much, Jamie spent many hours in occupational and physical therapy. Swimming, playing Wii and being active with her dog, Puck, all helped Jamie get stronger every day. She also had speech therapy and was home-schooled before returning to school full time. She always remained in high spirits and was willing to try any suggestions in order to make a full recovery.

Two years after her stroke, Jamie played her first hockey game. Her smile never left her face and she was excited to be “back.” Today, Jamie is 17, and a normal teenager. She works at an after-school program and helps children with homework. She loves to volunteer at a community garden and spend time with her friends. Having a stroke at such a young age opened Jamie’s eyes that stroke can happen to anyone, at any age. She is sharing her story to raise awareness about pediatric stroke.

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