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Diana Green

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iana Green became a stroke survivor two years ago, but remembers the night as if it just happened. She was watching TV and had just called her son, who was away at college. But she could not speak, her speech was slurred and when she attempted to get up, she could not walk very well. Concerned for his mother’s well-being, her son called 9-1-1.

Before her stroke, Diana worked in the IT department of a big company. She was busy with work and family, raising three sons. She loved going on school field trips and supporting her children by attending their sporting events. With her busy life, Diana didn’t always think of herself and her health. It is suspected that her stroke was caused by high blood pressure. Diana was also at risk for a stroke because of two factors she could not control: being female and African-American.

After her stroke, Diana’s right side was paralyzed and she couldn’t speak. Trouble with her vision kept her from an activity she loved: reading. Her recovery has been challenging and demanding, but she never gave up. Slowly she regained her ability to walk and speak. As a stroke survivor, she felt very alone, but through hard work and the love and support of her family, she has made amazing strides in her recovery. She continues to work hard on her recovery and is excited about reading again.

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