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November Is National Family Caregivers Month

There are more than 65 million family caregivers in the U.S., each with a unique story. Some caregivers are family members; others are strangers who, with time, become part of the family.

Caregivers and family members play a vital role in a stroke survivor’s recovery. They’re the ones who look after a stroke survivor’s needs, which may be emotional, financial, physical, social or practical.

Caregivers must strike a balance between taking care of both their loved ones and themselves. They must put their own needs first and protect their own health in order to provide their loved ones with the best care possible.

Being a caregiver is a tough job—one that can be stressful and burdensome, but also greatly rewarding.

If you are a caregiver, you can get help managing stress with the webinar, iHOPE: When Caregiving Is Stressful.

You can also connect with more than 1,700 caregivers of stroke survivors at Careliving℠ Community, an online community that aims to empower caregivers to care for themselves by providing a place for discussion, connection and support.

Meet Our Faces of Stroke™ Caregiver

Photo of Henry Winkler

Henry Winkler was a longtime caregiver to his mother, who was a stroke survivor. He is partnering with National Stroke Association in honor of National Family Caregivers Month.

Henry Winkler  


Watch this video message from Henry.

» Download the Careliving Guide.

Faces of Stroke campaign is supported by funding provided by Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Allergan, Inc., Medtronic, Inc., Avanir Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Acorda Therapeutics, Inc., and Genentech Inc.

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