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Stroke Education for EMS Professionals

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EMS4Stroke provides educational resources on stroke for emergency medical services (EMS) personnel. The program was developed by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), National Stroke Association and Genentech Inc. Visit www.EMS4Stroke.com to participate in this interactive program.

Often, EMS personnel are the first ones to arrive in a stroke emergency. It is important to provide optimal care in order to minimize acute brain injury and maximize patient recovery.

EMS4Stroke Program Modules

Module 1: What Is Stroke?

Includes the basics of stroke and brings attention to some staggering statistic

Module 2: The Role of EMS in Stroke Assessment and Care

Includes American Heart Association and American Stroke Association recommendations for EMS and suspicion of stroke, and pre-hospital assessment.

Module 3: Stroke Systems of Care

Includes information on types of treating institutions

Module 4: Case Studies

Provides the opportunity to apply your new learned knowledge in real-life scenarios

EMS4Stroke is a FREE interactive learning management system. Slides can be downloaded or the program can be viewed as a presentation. Each module contains a short self-assessment of the material covered. Please note that there are no CMEs provided, but there is a certificate of completion available.

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