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Education Is Vital to EMS Role in Stroke

EMS is the first medical contact for more than half of all patients who have a stroke. And, EMS transport significantly shortens the arrival time to hospital. Why are these facts key to EMS stroke education? Because stroke is an emergency and it’s treatable within 3 hours of symptom onset. A recent 3-year data analysis also found that stroke patients brought in by EMS were twice as likely to receive a timely CT scan. With FAST recognition of symptoms in the field and appropriate medical intervention, stroke patients can have positive outcomes.

EMS4Stroke is a FREE resource for EMS professionals. Developed by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), National Stroke Association and Genentech Inc., the program is full of tools and resources.

EMS4Stroke is divided into two sections: EMS Providers and EMS Trainers. It uses an innovative online interactive lessons that permit participants to learn about their role as EMS professionals in the management of stroke. The modules are easy to follow and designed to reinforce the need for proper identification of stroke symptoms and prompt transport to the nearest stroke-ready facility.

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Visit EMS4Stroke Online and explore this great resource today!

Earn a certificate of completion after completing all modules.


EMS4Stroke program goals are to:

  • Increase and maintain prehospital providers’ knowledge of stroke
  • Increase recognition of stroke signs and symptoms on scene
  • Increase the occurrence of EMS calls identifying symptoms as "possible stroke/CVA"
  • To facilitate delivery of stroke patients to the nearest appropriate hospitals including recognized stroke centers
  • Reduce enroute time and time to treatment

Don’t wait! Take advantage of the interactive EMS4Stroke Online program today! Learn more details about the program.

Additional EMS Resources

Stroke Rapid Response™ online training is designed to assist pre-hospital and hospital personnel in the education of EMS providers. It was developed by National Stroke Association and is offered as an accredited two-hour training. Learn more.

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