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National Stroke Association would like to thank the following individuals for honoring their loved ones by making a donation of $100 or more.  These generous contributions for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays or other important events are a wonderful way to help support our efforts to reduce the incidence and impact of stroke.

In Honor of David S. Allen
Mr. David Allen, Jr.

In Honor of Mr. Buck Bruggeman
Miss Leah Bruggeman

In Honor of Dee Dobburphul
Deanna & Raymond Dobberphul

In Honor of the Fedder Family
Ms. Fedder

In Honor of Mr. Oscar Kellner
Patricia Tomkunas

In Honor of Mrs. Marjorie Kopczick
Eric Wilson

In Honor of Robert & Martha Lindahl
Mark Lindahl

In Honor of Mary S. Matthews
Mr. Allen Rhodes

In Honor of Peter E. Reilly
Stephanie and Bobby Weishaar

In Honor of Diane Rein
Renee Fosbenner

In Honor of Mr. Clarence Rutherford
Craig Rutherford

In Honor of Rebecca Sibner
Linda, Steve & Nicholas Otto

In Honor of Billy T. Smith
Alvie Hamilton

In Honor of Mr. Rob Weeks
446th Aeromedical Staging Squadron

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