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Angie Baker
Manager, Policy Advocacy  
303-754-0907 Abaker@stroke.org  

Laura Beving
Manager, Survivor and Caregiver Education and Outreach
303-754-0906 Lbeving@stroke.org  

Crystal Blaylock Manager, Special Events
303-754-0917 Cblaylock@stroke.org  

Jamie Charbonneau Director, Corporate Development
303-754-0943 Jcharbonneau@stroke.org  

Clair Diones
Director, Marketing and Communications
303-754-0919 Cdiones@stroke.org  

Jill Hare Manager, Finance and Operations
303-754-0944 Jhare@stroke.org  

Amy Hill
Grant Manager
303-754-0916 Ahill@stroke.org  

Sharon Januchowski Executive Vice President
303-754-0946 Sjanuchowski@stroke.org  

Linda Kuhrt Manager, Professional Membership Programs
303-754-0934 Lkuhrt@stroke.org  

Matt Lopez
Chief Executive Officer
303-754-0904 MLopez@stroke.org  

Maria Rentzios Customer Relations & Office Coordinator  
303-754-0924 Mrentzios@stroke.org  

Valerie Siebert-Thomas Accounting and Outcomes Coordinator  
303-754-0926 Vsiebert-thomas@stroke.org  

Anna Taylor Manager, Community Education and Outreach  
303-754-0915 Ataylor@stroke.org  

Kevin Vicker Marketing Coordinator  
303-754-0918 Kvicker@stroke.org  

Donna Whitney Manager, Digital Strategy
303-754-0932 Dwhitney@stroke.org

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