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Find the Fundraiser in You

Organizing a walk, run or other event to raise funds for National Stroke Association is a fun and interactive way to raise awareness and funds to fight against stroke. Community fundraising event hosts help us to provide:

  • Continuing education for healthcare professionals
  • Stroke and rehabilitation support for survivors
  • Community education to reduce the incidence and impact of stroke

Thank you for your interest in learning more about hosting a community fundraising event. Each year, volunteers across the country host a wide variety of events to raise awareness and funds to benefit National Stroke Association.

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3

image of 1 in a box Decide on what type of event you would like to host.


image of 2 in a box Let us help you get started.
image of 3 in a box Recruit friends and family to help you create an impactful event in your community.
National Stroke Association will provide you with tips for success, planning materials, personal online fundraising pages and the support of our special events manager.

Want to get started today? Contact Crystal Blaylock at events@stroke.org or (303) 754-0917.

Community Event Success Stories

Photo collage of Community Events Success Stories

Walk With Dinah

In 1998, the Suridis family held a walk with about 20 friends and family members in memory of their mother, who died after a stroke. They raised $1,500 for National Stroke Association. Since then, they have continued to grow the event through their Long Island community. In 14 years, Walk With Dinah has raised nearly $150,000 for National Stroke Association. According to Jim Suridis, Walk With Dinah is “a way to keep our Mom’s memory alive and to keep fighting the battle against this terrible disease.”

Somers Walk for Stroke

Somers Walk for Stroke organizers and sisters, Lisa M. and Valerie G., say, “Our mom was a healthy, young, physically fit and active woman with no known health issues. That is why we want to raise awareness in our community and the surrounding communities.”

Fat Tire Bike Club

The Fat Tire Bike Club in Wisconsin hosted an inaugural fundraiser supporting National Stroke Association to honor Joe Romenesko (far right in photo). Joe is a stroke survivor who, along with the bike club, mobilized his community to support a St. Patrick’s Day celebration at a local pub, raising funds and stroke awareness. The event included a variety of educational information on stroke, plus raffles, games and plenty of fun.

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