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2103 RAISE Award medallion

Outstanding Support Group

The International Alliance for Pediatric Stroke

This award honors a stroke support group for making an innovative and robust impact on the lives of stroke survivors, caregivers and others impacted by stroke through connection, empowerment and education.

The International Alliance for Pediatric Stroke (IAPS) was established to facilitate collaboration among the many international pediatric stroke communities. Their purpose is to provide a stronger, more united voice to effectively advocate for newborns, babies, and children who have had a stroke. With research for pediatric stroke being typically under supported and underfunded, their mission is to provide information about pediatric stroke to families, caregivers, researchers, medical specialists and anyone else interested in this information. In addition, IAPS strives to fill the gaps in the areas of research and education of the general public. Learn more about the International Alliance for Pediatric Stroke.

International Alliance for Pediatric Stroke

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RAISE Awards program is supported by funding provided by Avanir Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Colorado Business Bank, Genentech Inc. and Bristol-Myers Squibb/Pfizer Inc. Partnership.

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