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Outstanding Group

Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp

This award honors a group of people making a commitment to raising stroke awareness on a local or national level.


The camp began with a vision of Marylee Nunley, who was affected by stroke when her husband John became a stroke survivor in 2001. Recognizing that stroke affects not just the survivors but also those around them, Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camps provide a camping experience for stroke survivors and their caregivers. The camps take place at different locations throughout the U.S. including a cruise! Over a three- or four-day weekend, participants benefit from relaxation, educational programs, socialization and ongoing support— making new friends and enjoying new opportunities. What began as a one-time event in 2004, has grown to almost 20 camps nationwide. Since its beginning, they have served over 2,000 participants. Learn more about Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp.

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Photo collage of Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camps

Photos from camp groups - Cheyenne, Alexan, Denver and Rockford.

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RAISE Awards program is supported by funding provided by Avanir Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Colorado Business Bank, Genentech Inc. and Bristol-Myers Squibb/Pfizer Inc. Partnership.

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