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Making the Afib-Stroke Connection

It can be difficult to receive an atrial fibrillation (Afib) diagnosis. People with Afib are often overwhelmed by the condition and how it may impact them, as well as their family and friends. Many people with Afib are unaware of the five-times greater risk of stroke as a result of having Afib.

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Meet our Faces of Stroke Ambassadors

Photo of Jason Photo of Pat Photo of Karen

Jason, 32, has Afib.

Pat, 62, is a two-time stroke survivor with Afib.

Karen, 54, was a caregiver to her husband, a stroke survivor with Afib.


Cover of Afib-Stroke Connection brochure 

Making the Afib-Stroke Connection is a patient-friendly brochure that covers basic Afib and stroke definitions, treatment options, tips for managing anxiety and what family and friends should know about Afib and stroke.



Afib-Stroke Connection tracking card

Monitor your risk with this easy to use tracking card.


Stroke Risk Scorecard

National Stroke Association developed an easy-to-use tool called a Stroke Risk Scorecard that provides an idea of a person's stroke risk. Once the scorecard is completed, discuss the results with a doctor, who will help assess the risk factors and help manage and/or treat any controllable risk factors.



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