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Stroke Causes Special Problems for Women

Dr. Dawn Kleindorfer, assistant professor of neurology at University of Cincinnati School of Medicine says stroke causes special problems for women. “Stroke uniquely impacts women because they tend to be older when they have their stroke and because of that, more women die from stroke than men. Women tend to have more disability and have trouble doing the activities of their daily living after their stroke.”

Women are Caregivers

Managing your stroke risk is important but does not guarantee that you won't be touched by stroke in some way or another.  Stroke will affect 4 out of 5 families over the course of a lifetime.

Those lucky enough to survive strokes will often need a family caregiver, and more than half (59-75%) of all family caregivers in the United States are women.  In fact, the average caregiver is a married 46-year-old working woman earning $36,000 per year.

Caregiving is vital to the recovery process but can be overwhelming for the caregiver. If you find yourself caring for a stroke survivor, consult National Stroke Association for steps you can take to make the transition from hospital to home easier on everyone.

For more info see our Caregiver and Families info center.

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