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30,000 Steps for Stroke is a 4-week corporate employee engagement and awareness program designed to:

  • Increase awareness of stroke as a leading cause of death in the United States
  • Incorporate risk reduction activities into a participant's daily life
  • Raise funds to support National Stroke Association in its mission to reduce the incidence and impact of stroke

About 30,000 Steps for Stroke

Corporate employees will be encouraged to form competitive teams within their department, facility or region where each team member commits to taking steps to prevent stroke – 30,000 physical steps over four weeks. Beyond successfully completing their step goal as a group, team members will be asked to participate in peer-to-peer fundraising with a corporate minimum commitment of $30,000 to honor the organization's 30 years of service to the stroke community. This minimum commitment can be reached by a combination of employee peer-to-peer fundraising and corporate contribution. In support, National Stroke Association will provide:

  • Kickoff support including a two week online registration period, personalized/company branded peer-to-peer fundraising pages for each team, stroke education materials for employees, and program FAQ
  • Branded pedometers and t-shirts to all team members
  • Program partnership signage for facility use
  • Dedicated staff to support team member registration and peer-to-peer fundraising page creation
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising tips for success

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What Else Do I Need to Know?


30,000 Steps for Stroke can be executed at any time that fits into your Human Resources calendar. If you are interested in launching this program during National Stroke Awareness Month in May, we suggest commitment no later than March 15 to ensure ease of registration and ultimate program success.

Furthering Program Impact

In efforts to further the impact of 30,000 Steps for Stroke, your company should consider the following voluntary, add-on opportunities:

  • Corporate sponsored prizes (recognition plaque, team member celebratory event) for top fundraising teams
  • Corporate match to increase employee incentive to meet or exceed their fundraising goal
    • Increased stroke education surrounding campaign (community stroke prevention presentations, on-site health screenings, additional stroke education collateral)

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Why Should My Company Participate in an Employee Engagement Program?

  • Companies with a high level of employee engagement report 22 percent higher productivity rates
  • Increase engagement among staff that may not directly interact with relevant product lines and departments
  • Increase employee morale by supporting a cause important not only to the company, but to their personal life
  • Engaged employees are more likely to have increased job satisfaction and stay with a company on a long-term basis

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How Do I Find out More?

For more information about this program and other corporate engagement opportunities, please contact Jamie Charbonneau, Director of Corporate Development and Grants at (303) 754-0943 or jcharbonneau@stroke.org


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