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Winter 2011

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Virtual Health Fair Registration Open

Register today for National Stroke Association’s first annual Virtual Health Fair on Jan. 19, 2011. This event will be recorded and available online until April 2011. Registration is free, but space is limited.  Visit stroke.org/virtualhealthfair to register.

The event is open to anyone interested in prevention and recovery. It will be set up like a local health fair you might attend at a community center or hospital—except you attend from the convenience of your computer.

Learn about:

  • Advocacy, how to talk to your doctor and mobility and intimacy issues after stroke.
Practical prevention and recovery tips.
How to raise awareness and inspire others to become stroke champions.

You can also register for prizes and live Q&A sessions with experts.

Sign up today!

2011 Honda LA Marathon

National Stroke Association is now accepting applications for our inaugural Honda LA Marathon team. Learn more at stroke.org/LAmarathon or contact Annalise at adezoete@stroke.org.

Check Out Our Redesigned Website

Visit stroke.org today and see how National Stroke Association has redesigned its website for better accessibility and readability. Now it is even easier for you to get the information you rely on. Visit stroke.org.


Welcome New Advocacy Network

National Stroke Association introduces the Stroke Advocacy Network—a new grassroots organization tackling issues that can make a positive impact on the lives of stroke survivors, their caregivers and their families.

There is hope after stroke. It is undeniable that stroke survivors face an array of unexpected challenges, but survivors also experience new insights and meaningful successes. While every stroke survivor’s experience is different, National Stroke Association believes that there is great power in celebrating successes and sharing life-changing stories.

Through the Stroke Advocacy Network, we have the opportunity to change how people view stroke, survivors and to influence public policy and legislation. But we need your help.

Join us at the Stroke Advocacy Network Action Center at stroke.org/actioncenter and add your voice to this important cause.

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Our Mission Statement

National Stroke Association’s mission is to reduce the incidence and impact of stroke by developing compelling education and programs focused on prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and support for all impacted by stroke.

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