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Winter 2010

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3 Gadgets to Get You Going

Easy to Grip Utensils

Good Grips® eating utensils have large soft rubber handles to cushion your grip and are helpful for stroke survivors with limited hand mobility. The stainless steel utensils have an adjustable metal shaft that allows them to be twisted to an angle that is easy and comfortable to use.

Made by The Wright Stuff, utensils available include knives, forks, teaspoons and soup spoons. Also available are soft coated spoons to protect teeth and mouth.

Stroke survivors with a limited grip can purchase the Good Grips Utensil Strap. The elastic strap is attached to the utensil; simply slip your hand through the loop to keep the utensil secure. The strap fits any adult hand and can be used with all Good Grips® utensils as well as other large or built-up handles.

Price: $3.95 to $39.95
Web site:

Lend-A-Hand® Gadget for Golfers and Others

Lend-A-Hand® can help stroke survivors get back in the swing of things. The device, made by Even Par Enterprises Inc., helps mobility while taking the strain off the user’s shoulders, arms, back and legs. It gives added arm support, leverage and strength for outdoor activities such as golfing and fishing, as well as for everyday tasks such as raking, painting, washing cars and other duties.

The device is easy to strap on and can be hand washed in warm water. One size fits most and it comes in royal blue, red, Kelly green and camouflage.

Price: $59.95
Web site:

SmallTalk Accessory for Those with Aphasia

Stroke survivors who have a Lingraphica home communications device, which allows patients with aphasia to communicate by putting together words and phrases electronically, can now interact on the go with the addition of the SmallTalk accessory. The SmallTalk fits into a pocket or purse and provides users with a selection of phrases, icons and videos to improve interactions while shopping, ordering at restaurants or at doctors visits.

While the Lingraphica speech-generating device provides more than 240 speech exercises in the home, the SmallTalk, which looks similar to a cell phone, expands communication options for stroke survivors outside the home.

Price: $350
Phone: 888-274-2742
Web site: aphasia.com

The product descriptions included in Gear & Gadgets are for informational purposes only. A product’s inclusion in StrokeSmart™ does not imply endorsement by National Stroke Association nor does it guarantee the reliability or safety of the products listed.

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