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Summer 2010

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Advanced Means to Improve Arm Motion, Assist with Hygiene


Mattress Assists with Incontinence

The Incontinence Relief System (IRS), used with the Tempur-Pedic Medical mattress, helps patients with incontinence retain their dignity and enables their caregivers to hygienically remove patients’ waste.

The system involves placing the disposable absorbent pad with the attached plastic bag onto the mattress and extending the plastic bag through the mattress cavity.

The system helps prevent pressure ulcers by pressure reduction and by keeping the patient’s skin away from their waste. The system includes:

  • A pressure-reducing mattress with a cavity specially designed for Capstone by Tempur-Pedic Medical.
  • A specially-designed disposable absorbent pad with an attached plastic bag.

Price: Pad with plastic bag, $188; Tempur-Pedic incontinence relief mattress, $3,650 to $3,850
Phone: 334-671-7637
Website: www.incontinencemattress.com 


A Quick Way to Keep Clean

The Wett Mitt™ products offer a hygienic and cost-effective solution for cleaning, cleansing and disinfecting. The products are designed to cleanse any body surface and can be used in the shower and bathtub or as a mitt or a wipe. Product options include:

The Wett Mitt™ is designed to fit over any size hand and covered on all four sides with wet wipe solution. The mitt can be used front and back and, when turned inside out, both sides can be used.

The Wett Mitt™ Disinfectant controls and prevents infectious diseases as a disinfectant of any surface; for household sanitation; and to clean or disinfect any body area.

The Dry/Wett Mitt™ is used for any cleaning purpose, such as in the shower or with any cleaning solution for household sanitation.

Price: Between $75 and $86 per case (64 to 122 units)
Phone: 513-503-7274
Website: www.wettmitt.com


Tailwind Aids Arm Movement

Tailwind is a bilateral trainer that helps stroke survivors with paralysis improve their arm movement, even many years after their stroke. Its two handles move independently along resistance-free tracks. Patients move the handles toward an end track in response to sound cues from a metronome. As patients progress, the end points are extended outward to increase reach.

The device was developed by University of Maryland doctors specializing in physical therapy rehabilitation after a decade of research. Clinical studies show that the Tailwind successfully helps improve arm mobility, function and range of motion in patients with even severe paralysis. Benefits can be seen from 30 minutes of use, three times per week, at home or in a rehabilitation setting.

Price: Between $2,500 and $3,200
Phone: 410-522-8709
Website: www.tailwindtherapy.com


The product descriptions included in Gear & Gadgets are for informational purposes only. A product’s inclusion in StrokeSmart™ does not imply endorsement by National Stroke Association nor does it guarantee the reliability or safety of the products listed.

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