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Summer 2011

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Getting a Better Handle on Daily Living; Book Shares Healing Story

U-Bend It Utensils

Designed with a twist in the shaft that allows utensils to be easily hand bent to either side at any angle, these utensils are great for people with upper extremity weakness or reduced range of motion. The stainless steel utensils feature built-up handles for people with weak grasps or other hand limitations. Their contoured shape makes them easier to hold and use. Cleaning is easy since they are top rack dishwasher safe.

Price: $16.55
Phone: 800-323-5547
Website: pattersonmedical.ca

Blazer with Pleather Detailing

Each piece of clothing from IZ Adaptive is cut to follow the line of the seated body, with strategic zipper placement accommodating specific needs. The company employs couture-like workmanship to both men and women’s collections with a keen attention to detail.

This fashionable and stylish jacket sports three buttons and princess line seaming. All bulk has been removed for a sleek look. It is washable with removable shoulder pads.

Price: $95.00
Phone: 416-860-0783
Website: izadaptive.com

Inspirational Book by Alison Bonds Shapiro

“Healing Into Possibility: The Transformational Lessons of a Stroke”  tells the story of Alison Bonds Shapiro who suffered two debilitating and nearly fatal strokes in her fifties. The book chronicles her experience of learning, through trial and error, that her attitude would play the most important role in her remarkable recovery. Shapiro shares principles that anyone can use when faced with illness or injury to transform despair into hope and road blocks into possibilities.

Price: $7.00-$12.00
Phone: 866-216-1072
Website: amazon.com

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