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Spring 2011

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Mobile Phone Triggers Emergency Response; Exerciser Improves Strength 

Device Performs Emergency Response

A Just5 phone is more than simply a phone. This smart mobile device has:

  • Emergency-response (ER) function
  • Large buttons for ease of dialing
  • Speaking keypad that confirms which buttons are pressed
  • Flashlight

The ER function lets users preset five phone numbers. When users press the SOS button, the phone’s  siren attracts others nearby. It then texts an urgent message to the five preset numbers and dials them in prioritized order. Once someone answers a call, the phone automatically switches to loud-speaker mode for easier communication.

Price: $89.99
Phone: 800-709-0509
Website: just5.com

Hands-Free Control System Uses Head Movements

The AccuPoint System movement tracking system from InvoTek lets stroke survivors control their computers with a wide range of movements while discerning tremors from intentional movements. Most AccuPoint users control the mouse and type letters with head movements—but any movement can be used. The system mounts easily on the back of a computer display and plugs into the computer with a USB cord. The small plastic reflector that works with the unit attaches to the user’s forehead comfortably using double-sided tape.

Price: $1,495
Phone: 479-632-4166
Website: invotek.org

Hand Exerciser Builds Strength in Hands, Arms, Fingers, Forearm and Ankles

Powerweb Ultimate is a versatile limb exerciser that can strengthen the fingers, thumb, wrist, forearm and even the ankle. Available in six difficulty levels it can accommodate almost any user. The 8-ounce exerciser includes an instruction booklet with 39 different exercises.

Both hands can be exercised at once, or a single finger isolated and exercised. Resistance can be modified for specific needs by adjusting hand position and/or depth of finger insertion. The Powerweb Ultimate accommodates all hand sizes and strength levels.

Price: $45
Phone: 888-570-8836
Website: improvelife.com

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