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Spring 2010

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3 Tools To Make Getting Out Easier

Communicate Quickly and Easily

Commquick, a new electronic device, enables stroke survivors and others who have difficulty speaking to communicate using a simple device that can be programmed by the user. Featuring a memory for favorite words and small sentences, Commquick allows users to easily let caregivers know when they are hungry, thirsty or need to use the bathroom, as well as important communications such as Call 911. The device also provides the ability to send text messages. Commquick is silent; it has no speaker system but rather a LED readout of typed letters, words and sentences. It measures 6 inches by 8 inches.

Price: $225
Phone: 775-393-9552
Web site: commquick.com

Bed Buddy® Herbal Naturals to End Aches and Pains

The new Bed Buddy® line of plush, Herbal Naturals™ by Carex Health Brands® features moist heat ThermaTherapy® to treat muscle pain and chronic aches and pains experienced by many stroke survivors. The thermal therapy allows quick, deep heat penetration into the joints. The new line is:

  • Infused with aromatherapy;
  • lined with lavender and chamomile.
  • Soft; containing 100 percent all-natural ingredients.
  • Available as a neck pillow, neck and hand wrap and all-over comfort pack.
  • Fully reusable with a machine washable cover.
  • Quickly warmed in the microwave; remains heated for up to an hour.

Price: $18.99 $25.99
Phone: 800-328-2935
Web site: carex.com

A Shoe-in — and Out — for Those with Limited Dexterity

Knots! Who needs them? Tying and untying shoes can be particularly cumbersome for stroke survivors with limited dexterity. The lace-amatic enables users to tighten or loosen laces to allow them to step out of shoes — hands free — with a wave of a finger, thumb or the heel of one hand. The simple on/off lever is easily installed on any lace-up shoe and can be operated with minimal strength, dexterity or flexibility. Once the lace-amatic is in place, users can quickly put on shoes and flip the switch to tighten the laces, or release the flip to loosen and remove the shoes.

Price: $9.99 at some retailers
List of retailers: lace-amatic.com/locations
Web site: lace-amatic.com

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